Spelling Bee Winner

BeeHive School Spelling Bee A Success!

A yearly tradition at BeeHive School is the much-talked about and much anticipated yearly spelling bee contest.  This year was a big success and the winners are pictured below.  The Spelling Bee took place in BeeHive’s new classrooms, which are coming along nicely, but funds are running low.

Currently, due to the incomplete classrooms, the school day is split into two shifts, so that the classrooms can be shared.  The younger students take class in the morning and the older ones in the afternoon.  This is working so far, but it’s taking its toll on the teachers and staff and BeeHive is anxious to finish construction.

BeeHive’s parents have already donated what they can and even pre-paid their dues for several semesters in order to further construction.  Unfortunately, this has not been enough to finish construction.

We are asking BeeHive supporters to pledge $10/month for at least one year on the Global Giving site to help with constructing a new bathroom unit at BeeHive.

Finally, we’d just like to take a moment and reflect on this past year.  BeeHive has seen some very low lows and high highs.  At this time last year, BeeHive looked like it was going to be shut-down and an entire community lost, but with the help of so many hopeful and generous people both in Malawi and around the world, BeeHive pulled through and every day is looking brighter and brighter.  Thank you so much to everyone who has helped us this year.  Thank you for your encouragement, thank you for your hope, and thank you for your constant support.