Katy & Abe with their trusty stead - a Tandem Bike

Katy and Abe’s 3000 Mile Tandem Tour de Europe

Summer is finally here and BeeHive’s volunteers have been brainstorming ideas to help this very special school on the other side of the world.

Currently, BeeHive’s buildings are under construction with only 1/3 left to complete! With some classrooms still under construction, the completed classrooms are being shared. The school day is split into two shifts, with the younger students taking class in the morning and the older ones in the afternoon. This is working so far, but it’s taking a substantial toll on the teachers and staff and BeeHive is anxious to finish construction. Two long-time supporters of BeeHive School – Katy and Abe – are dedicating their entire summer to help BeeHive complete construction.

Katy and Abe are taking a break from life as usual and hitting the road in the name of adventure and philanthropy. The adventure will involve pedaling and camping through Croatia, Italy, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and Holland on a tandem bicycle. They’re hoping to raise awareness and funds for BeeHive School – a primary school in Mzuzu, Malawi. Malawi is located in South Eastern Africa and is one of the poorest countries in the world.

Katy and Abe are planning to ride 3000 miles and their goal is to raise $1 per mile.

They are currently in Italy and have been enjoying centuries old ruins, gelato, vineyards, and pasta.  You can dive into their week-by-week adventures on their personal blog:


You can also see where they’ve been and where they’re headed on their bike tour through this really cool map complete with photos and posts.  Katy and Abe are currently in Italy and making their way to Hungary.


Thank You for supporting BeeHive School and Katy and Abe on their marvelous adventure!  Happy riding to all this summer!

( p.s.  Niall Dorey, the founder and director of BeeHive School, has been working hard to get ADSL internet installed, so that he can send more photo and video updates for us all to enjoy.  We’re hoping to have more photos of construction by the end of the summer.  If you are headed to Malawi this summer – then why not take advantage of the opportunity to spend a couple of days at BeeHive and help us collect some photos and videos of BeeHive School.  You can take advantage of your time in Northern Malawi to also visit Lake Malawi and Nkhata Bay – I’m sure Niall has some recommendations for fun spots off-the-beaten track. )

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