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A Bright & Cheerful Holiday Newsletter

Dear BeeHive Community,

BeeHive wishes you a Happy Holiday Season and a Happy Thanksgiving to those in the US.
Thank you for your past support and encouragement.  This newsletter has some fun updates – don’t miss the short video that Katy put together! – we think you will find it inspiring and by the end you’ll have a smile on your face.
Malawi has had a rough 2011.  In July, the UK cut aid to the country after a disagreement with Malawi’s government.  This lead to tragic riots in the capital and also in Mzuzu, which ended with 98 serious injuries and 18 people dead.  Although BeeHive students were exposed to the rioting and had family and friends affected by the riots – we were very fortunate that none of them were physically injured.  In fact, BeeHive students have continued to flourish despite the chaos around them.
All the students at BeeHive School received high marks in their exams this year.  Two students did exceptionally well.  Perlton Edwin and Kenneth Malema got the highest and second highest grades in the whole of Malawi for the Cambridge Primary exams.  These exams test their knowledge of English, math, and science, and ensure that they are ready to move onto secondary school.  Perlton and Kenneth attended the Cambridge Outstanding Learners Achievement Awards, at Bedir School in Blantyre, to receive their awards.  This photo shows Perlton receiving his award from the Minister for Education, Science and Technology, and the British Council Regional Director for Southern Africa.
Over in the US, we have been raising funds to help finish the construction of the school.  During the summer, BeeHive volunteers Katy Harrison and Abe Downey camped and rode their tandem bike 3,000 kilometers across Europe, from Budapest to Holland, while raising awareness and funds for the school.
BeeHive School is still part of the internationally recognized Global Giving.  In order to partner with them, we undergo rigorous compliance checks, including site visits from Global Giving representatives to monitor progress and make sure that we stay true to our goals.  Global Giving has also been a great site to raise awareness and get others involved in the school.  For the holidays we are part of their ‘Gifts for Good’ campaign.
When you donate $75 to the school through this program, you will receive a hand-made necklace made with African beads as a thank you (for more info please  We have commissioned a US artist, Casey Hunt, to make these beautiful necklaces.  Casey is inspired by nature and uses African beads made from glass, wood, shells, pearls or stone. Each necklace is unique and has sterling silver clasps.  All funds raised will go to completing the the last section of the school including the library and assembly hall.
Construction is progressing quickly with only 1/3 left to go.  The classrooms and some toilets were finished earlier this year, allowing students to attend class in the new buildings.  In August the playground was complete, and is of course hugely popular.  The children love the slide, climbing gym, swings and even a sand box – a rare luxury in Malawi.  You can check out the progress yourself in this video:
In October the school held ‘Open Day’ where parents got to go to school with their children.  Parents sat in class, had snacks at break-time, then attended a meeting and questions.  Niall, the founder and principal, said it was a fantastic day with very encouraging feedback from the parents.  These events help parents engage more actively in their children’s education.  Also, during Open Day the PTA raised 14,000 Kwacha ($85 USD).  In a country where a dinner at a very nice restaurant is $2 USD, this is a very significant contribution!

We have also been working with the Apricot Project, a group starting a new way to micro-finance scholarships for children around the world.  They are using BeeHive School as one of their partners while they test out their beta website and get the kinks ironed out.  We hope to have a few BeeHive students on scholarships from the Apricot Project soon.  Find out more about the Apricot Project here:

Thank you again for donating to BeeHive School and continue to stay in touch. Your involvement has been very important in making BeeHive what it is today.

On behalf of BeeHive School,

Eva and Katy

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