BeeHive Pupils Learning About Electricity

Electricity Is Installed at BeeHive School

In our last update, we mentioned that we were planning to install electricty, thanks to a generous donation from The ESC Foundation, a small German family foundation.  It was installed last month!

A Learning Opportunity

BeeHive School does not have much in the way of science equipment.  This is due to the budget being tight, because all the construction expenses the school has had recently, and being located in Mzuzu, where resources are scarce and science equipment is expensive.  Despite this lack of supplies, the teachers are creative and come up with many out-of-the-classroom learning experiences.  The students grow gardens, have made clay structures from clay in the ground, build towers and bridges from old newspaper, and go on field trips to local shops and the airport.  Although leaning through sitting in a classroom is important, BeeHive believes learning through experiences is also important in a child’s development.

When the electricity was installed last month, the teachers thought it was a great chance to do some hands on learning.  The Standard 6 class did a unit about electricity, learning all about currents, conductivity, and being safe around electricity.  Watching the electrician install the electricity was very exciting for all the students.  Many students do not have power at their homes.

Now that the electricity is installed, the school is eagerly waiting for the computer lab!

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