Computer Poetry Contest at BeeHive School

In anticipation of the new computer lab coming at the end of the summer, BeeHive School held a poetry contest.

There were some very good entries, good job to all the students!

Congratulations to the first place winner, Lughano, who received a poetry book, and second place winner Chantelle, who received a water bottle.

Here are the winning poems:


Computers, what wonders of human making computers are
Simplifying peoples’ lives by basically simplifying their work,
Online shopping, online banking and one click onto the internet,
The largest database  on which you can search about anything in this world, all of this in one machine

Where you have Microsoft Word to write things like a letter,
editing options to make things better,
a place for Mr. Ngwira to form a test,
computers otherwise called a PC, a place to relax and play W.W.E.
computers allow you to make rapid calculations,
a place to keep movies like comedies or animations,
an electronic device both friendly to adults and kids,
where we can check on news feeds,
Ipod, phones, tabs are what people love,
but for me a PC is the best electronic I could have.

by Lughano (Std 6)


Computers are full of games
They all have different names
Computers are fun
There is one where you draw a sun
You can type stories
John typed one about lorries.

You can go on internet
Buy online at a shop called Jet
I typed a poem about a cat
Who was sleeping on a mat
You can online school
Which is really cool

On Friday when
the sun will rise
I hope I win a prize
If I win
A fish will clap
with its fin,


by Chantelle (Std 5)