Hurricane Update

On Oct 17, 2014 a devastating storm with winds of 55-74 MPH & hail the size of golf balls devastated the school tearing off most of the roofs, destroying the playground, ripping down the fences, tumbling down a brick wall, and drenching all the books in the library leaving most unusable. We urgently need your help to fix the damage and get the school back up and running. The total cost of repairs is estimated at $15k. We have raised $5k through stalwart donors, but are still in need of $10k.

Positive Thoughts

Although the library, computer lab and new construction took a large beating, we need to look on the positive side of the situation.

No one was hurt. Children were at home, and the teachers managed to shelter.

Most of the laptops are safe and some books were saved. The teachers worked hard at rescuing books and laptops. You can see them drying out here:

Disruption to classes is minimal. Children were able to attend school the next week. They no longer have a library, books or computer lab, but teachers and students are doing very well learning with what they have.


Time, energy and finances will be needed to rebuild. Work has already started on cleaning up the damage, and the school has started thinking about how to fix the roof in a way to stop this from happening again. Please consider donating to help the school rebuild.