Hurricane Update

On Oct 17, 2014 a devastating storm with winds of 55-74 MPH & hail the size of golf balls devastated the school tearing off most of the roofs, destroying the playground, ripping down the fences, tumbling down a brick wall, and drenching all the books in the library leaving most unusable. We urgently need your help to fix the damage and get the school back up and running. The total cost of repairs is estimated at $15k. We have raised $5k through stalwart donors, but are still in need of $10k.

Positive Thoughts

Although the library, computer lab and new construction took a large beating, we need to look on the positive side of the situation.

No one was hurt. Children were at home, and the teachers managed to shelter.

Most of the laptops are safe and some books were saved. The teachers worked hard at rescuing books and laptops. You can see them drying out here:

Disruption to classes is minimal. Children were able to attend school the next week. They no longer have a library, books or computer lab, but teachers and students are doing very well learning with what they have.


Time, energy and finances will be needed to rebuild. Work has already started on cleaning up the damage, and the school has started thinking about how to fix the roof in a way to stop this from happening again. Please consider donating to help the school rebuild.

Hurricane At BeeHive School

Yesterday afternoon a disaster struck BeeHive School. The school was hit by a hurricane and torrential rain and the roof of the Library and Computer Room has come down. Books and computers are soaked.

Luckily, no one was hurt. Children were not at the school at the time it hit, and the teachers were having a meeting in the library. They managed to shelter and stay safe until the winds died down.

It rained all night. Niall, the headmaster, is going to the school today to assess the damage. We will update with photos and more information later.

School will be closed next week.

Giving Back to the Community of Mzuzu

BeeHive student giving donation to patient
BeeHive student giving donation to patient

Standard 5 Class Raises and Gives Donations To Hospital Patients

BeeHive Standard 5 students (about 12 yrs old) wanted to give back to the Mzuzu community. They decided to collect donations for patients at the local hospital. The students managed to collect five big boxes of donations. They sorted and organized the items into care packages and then visited the hospital and personally handed them to the patients. The patients really enjoyed having the students visit and were very happy at the kind and thoughtful gesture. The students enjoyed giving back to their community.

No one can do everything, but everyone can do something. If you have a lot, do something…if you have a little, do something…everyone has some way or something that they can contribute to the community.

Way to go Standard 5!

Standard 5 class with their collected donations
Standard 5 class with their collected donations
In the Mzuzu hospital
In the Mzuzu hospital
Students and hospital staff
Students and hospital staff
Patients were happy to see the students
Patients were happy to see the students
Outside the pediatrics unit
Outside the pediatrics unit

New Computer Lab At BeeHive!

This lab was possible because of many kind people across the world. Thanks to everyone who advised, contributed financially and worked hard volunteering in the US and in Mzuzu. We cannot thank everyone enough!!

Setting Up The Lab

IT expert Israel visited Malawi and set up the computer lab this past July. We shipped some of the equipment, including the keyboards and mice, but Israel managed to carry three large suitcases full of the chromebook laptops with Educational Ebuntu installed on them, plus a router, the raspberry pi, and some hard drives.

After arriving to Mzuzu, Israel and Niall worked tirelessly getting everything up and running, ready for teacher training in a few weeks.

Teacher Training

Mikala, an experienced high school computer science teacher and Stanford graduate student studying education and technology, volunteered at BeeHive School this summer and taught the teachers how to use the laptops for administrative purposes and how to teach effectively with the computers. Using a computer is a new experience for many of these teachers. She is working on documentation that BeeHive, and other schools, can use to train their teachers and teach their students how to use computers, with and without the internet.

Student Training

On the first day of the new school term, the students were excited to enter the new computer lab, with enough computers for every student in a class to use their own! Before the students could use the computers, they learned the basic rules of the computer lab and how to use the new laptops.

Soon, the students were discovering and learning independently on the new laptops. The students and teachers are very happy to have the new computer lab!


BeeHive School Curriculum

BeeHive Curriculum

Beehive currently teaches students from age 4 to 13 in 8 grades, kindergarten, and standards 1 through 7. Beehive Schools uses international level pupil-centered curriculum and follows UK/US lines of education to help halt the increasing deterioration in standards in the government and private schools in Malawi. Education of the whole child is encouraged, with activities and topics that are relevant and interesting. Social, moral, spiritual, and physical development are fostered, as well as a strong focus on literacy, numeracy and science.


We encourages children to be creative. Creativity is  hugely lacking in other schools in the country, but teachers and parents at BeeHive understand the importance of creativity. Children enjoy drawing, painting, performing, and creative writing.

Standards 6 and 7 wrote their own poems and songs about HIV/AIDS and performed their favorite.
Standards 6 and 7 wrote their own poems and songs about HIV/AIDS and performed their favorite.

Field Trips

Beehive School takes field trips to local industries. They learn about coffee at  Polly’s Coffee Shop and tea at Kawalazi tea plantation. visited the water board dam and have seen dinosaur fossils  at Karonga Museum.

Physical Activity

Children have breaks in the day where they are allowed to  play in the playground. PE lessons are  scheduled a few times a week, where children play supervised sports activities, learning how to work in teams and well as healthy habits and hand-eye coordination. The school has a few ‘fun’ days throughout the year, including a ‘water’ day which is basically a huge water fight!

Children race to the finish line while their classmates cheer them on.
Children race to the finish line while their classmates cheer them on.

Parental Involvement

Beehive School encourages parents to be part of the child’s education. It has an active PTA that meets regularly and is involved in school decisions, including homework policies. Reports track student’s performance, and teacher-parent interviews keep parents up to date with their child’s progress. Open days let parents come and see their child’s work and meet other parents and students.


Students LOVE the BeeHive library! Classes use the library for sustained silent reading, story time, and to browse and check out books to read and share with their family at home.

Silent Reading in the Library
Silent Reading in the Library


The school just got a new computer lab this summer. Teachers have been learning how to teach effectively with the computers. Most students and teachers do not have computers at home, so this is their only opportunity to learn how to use computers.


BeeHive School has a very successful teacher training program so that it is able to hire local teachers. Read more about our amazing teachers here.

And More!

These are just a few reasons as to why this school is such an amazing place. To learn more about how BeeHive School in unique and why it’s important, check out this page.