Videos From The Field

Why Are Computers Important?

Three 9 years olds at BeeHive School in Malawi explain why computers are important and why they like them. They are hopeful of getting a new computer lab at the school.

BeeHive Student explains why learning computers will be helpful for his future.

Performance by Standards 6 and 7

As part of a Social Studies topic on HIV/AIDS, Standard 6 and 7 wrote poems, songs and plays about the disease. They performed their favorite.

Volcanoes Erupt!

Standard 7 do the classic volcano experiment with soda and vinegar, watched by Standard 3 class at Beehive Primary School, Mzuzu, Malawi.

Building the Classrooms and Playground – 2011

BeeHive School built one of the first playgrounds in Mzuzu.

BeeHive School in 2010

BeeHive School started out in a rented house with temporary plywood classrooms. Check out the history of the school here.